LunaTik unveils new high-end iPhone case: the TAKTIK

Last year, LunaTik raised a million dollars for its iPod Nano watchband project. Made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, the bands were a hit.

Today, the company is hoping it can get lightning to strike a second time around, with its latest creation: the TAKTIK, a premium case for your iPhone 4 or 4S…


As you can tell from the video, the TAKTIK is made to take a beating. It’s built out of both Ballistik Polymer and high-grade aluminum, and covered in Gorilla Glass for added protection.

The case is being advertised as shockproof, dust proof, and water resistant, but it still offers access to all of the device’s jacks and ports. That’s probably a good thing, considering this doesn’t look like the type of case you want to frequently mess with.

All in all, the TAKTIK looks like a solid cover for those in the market for something durable. Its design might be a little too “extreme” for some people, but it’s not bad-looking by any means.

LunaTik has 29 days to raise $150,000, so it can start mass-producing these cases. If you’re interested, a pledge of $75 will get you a base-model TAKTIK. And $100-$150 will get you the Gorilla Glass and Silver Anodized upgrades respectively.

Now for $250, LunaTik is offering what it calls the “Future Proof Pack.” This includes a top of the line TAKTIK case for the iPhone 4/4S now, and one for the iPhone 5 when it comes out this fall. How’s that for marketing?

What do you think of the TAKTIK?