Here’s Microsoft’s keynote with Surface tablet demo crashing

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday took the stage to unveil his company’s iPad challenger named Surface at a Los Angeles presser.

Vice president Steven Sinofsky was on hand to show off the product and of course it wouldn’t be a Microsoft event without a system crash.

If you’re wondering about the features Microsoft’s device brings to the table, here’s the full keynote video…

The full YouTube keynote video, courtesy of The Verge, runs 47 minutes and 30 seconds long. Sinoffsky had some issues trying to run apps like Microsoft Office, Adobe Lightroom and Netflix due to crashes so he eventually had to pick up a backup unit.

The epic moment is at mark 14:10.


Not feeling up for it?

Here’s a condensed 60-second version of the keynote.

No video? Talk to Business Insider.

One note: there’s never been a Microsoft-branded computer so the Surface is pretty huge from where I’m coming from. There will be two versions, one with ARM chips and the other sporting Intel’s processors, each in 32GB and 64GB flavors.

We’ll see how the competition goes, but for now the Surface looks like a sleek device with quality build that looks to differentiate with three things: a nice kickstand with built-in 3mm thin keyboard, real PC ports like USB and the ability to run Windows 8 and pretty Metro apps.

Please, let’s not start the who-copied-whom jokes.

It’s fairly safe to point out that Bill Gates outlined Microsoft’s tablet vision back in 2001, nearly a decade before Apple’s iPad.

On the flip side, Microsoft announces Surface two years after the iPad.

What did you think of the Surface thing so far?