T-Mobile continues iPhone push, offers free support to unlockers

T-Mobile may be the only major carrier in the U.S. that doesn’t officially offer the iPhone, but you wouldn’t know that by watching its PR departement. The company continues to find its way into Apple news.

Earlier this year, the operator announced that it was going to be launching an iPhone-friendly network by the end of 2012. Last week it confirmed it would be showing off that network at WWDC. And now…

An iDB reader, and T-Mobile iPhone user, forwarded an interesting text message to us last night that he recently received from the carrier. It reads:

“FREE T-Mobile Msg: Help speed up your iPhone. Free up memory to keep it running at its best. Learn how: m.t-mobilescoop.com/memory/iphone”

The link leads to a technical support page with general tips for increasing your iPhone’s performance.

Considering we heard back in January that T-Mobile was looking to improve support for unlocked iPhone users, the text isn’t surprising. Actually, we imagine the carrier has been sending these out for a while.

But what is interesting is that despite not being an official iPhone partner, T-Mobile continues to focus a considerable amount of resources on the handset. It’s almost acting as if its survival depends on it.

And maybe it does.

Ever since the AT&T merger failed late last year, T-Mobile has been bleeding customers. And the carrier attributes that — the loss of almost a million subscribers in its 2011 Q4 — directly to the iPhone.

But it’s not going to make the same mistake again this year. On top of the enhanced customer support, T-Mobile has been very vocal about its plans to launch a network in the 1900Mhz band, allowing the 1 million+ unlocked iPhone users, and hopefully official ones this fall, to browse at 3G and HSPA+ speeds.

The only question is, what’s Apple think about all of this?

Thanks James!