T-Mobile Working on Improving Support for Unlocked iPhones

You gotta feel for T-Mobile — it’s had a rough couple of months. Not only has the company’s AT&T merger deal fallen through the cracks, but it continues to be excluded from iPhone partnership.

When Sprint picked up the iPhone last October, T-Mobile became the only major carrier in the US to not officially offer Apple’s popular handset. But that hasn’t stopped it from supporting the device…

TMO News has just published some internal T-Mobile documents that detail a new support plan for unlocked iPhone users. As we’ve mentioned before, T-Mobile has over one million customers using unlocked iPhones on its network.

“T-Mobile will begin offering additional support to customers using an Apple iPhone on our network. This support will include common procedures, information about feature and specifications, and other basic device questions. The iPhone space in the Community will be updated to mirror the look and feel of T-Mobile supported device pages and will include integrated Scope of Support.”

It appears that the new support program goes live January 30th. And while this will likely make things easier for current iPhone-toting customers, we doubt that it will attract any new ones. There are still some major caveats to using an iPhone on T-Mobile including the lack of 3G data and MMS.