Deck HD is coming to a jailbroken iPad near you

When I took the original version of Deck for a spin, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Here was a tweak that sought to add quick access to your favorite apps, settings, and toggles, and had the nerve to look good while doing so.

Deck also proved to be fairly popular with our readers and viewers, as our original video demonstration gained well over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Since Deck is an iPhone/iPod touch only tweak, what about the iPad users that would love to give SBCoders’ hotbar tweak a try? You won’t have to feel left out much longer, because Deck HD is coming with full iPad compatibility in tow. Take a gander at our full walkthrough inside for the video proof…


Like the original Deck, Deck HD lets you create custom shortcuts, interact with SBSettings inspired toggles, and launch apps directly from a hotbar that’s conveniently invoked using a simple swipe gesture.

On the iPad, Deck HD is like a mix between MountainLionCenter and NCSettings, although it’s much more robust in a variety of areas.

Deck HD will be available in the future from Cydia’s ModMyi repo at $1.99. Considering it’s still in development, there is currently no ETA for release. But don’t worry, stay tuned to iDB, and we’ll be sure to remind you as soon as it’s available.

What do you think about Deck HD?