iPad maintains its US tablet market dominance as Kindle Fire continues to fall

TUAW points to a newly-published ChangeWave survey today regarding the wish lists of potential tablet buyers. And surprise, surprise, the iPad is still miles ahead of the competition in terms of consumer demand.

According to ChangeWave’s data, collected from a poll of almost 3,000 American consumers, a staggering 73% of people who plan to buy a tablet in the next 90 days will be getting an iPad…

Although it may have seemed like it, the phrase “miles ahead of the competition” isn’t at all an exaggeration. The poll’s results show that a measly 8% of the same crowd plan to buy an Amazon Kindle Fire. And only 6% want a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

What’s interesting is that the Fire garnered a much higher 22% of the audience in the same survey last November. What could cause such a steep drop? Perhaps it has something to do with the Fire’s low satisfaction rating. According to ChangeWave, only 41% of current Kindle Fire owners reported being “Very Satisfied” with their tablet, compared to the iPad’s 81%.

It’s been more than two years now since Apple reinvented the tablet space, and it still doesn’t seem like anyone else gets it. What are the folks in Cupertino doing that other companies aren’t?