iOS Facebook integration is deep and similar to Twitter

Much of the talk concerning rumored Facebook integration in iOS 6 is centered around debating whether or not the feature will be baked deep into the bowels of the operating system. According to sources who spoke to 9to5Mac, that seems to be the case as Facebook integration in iOS 6 is said to be system-wide and apparently very similar to Twitter’s integration that launched with iOS 5…

Author Mark Gurman writes for 9to5Mac:

The integration’s biggest presence will be in the iOS Photos application. Like you are able to send photos to Twitter from the Photos application, you will be able to post photos to Facebook. A single sign-on section for all Facebook connected applications is present in the iOS 6 system settings application.

Like with Twitter, a new “social sheet,” as some people familiar with the matter call it, will appear for an accompanying status message.

Note that above image is just a mockup of how 9to5Mac thinks Facebook sharing in iOS 6 will work.

Now, it makes sense the Photos app would benefit the most as photo sharing is the most often used Facebook feature.

The social networking giant has recently made it a lot easier to upload photos in bulk via their new Facebook Camera application.

I hope it will be possible to share multiple photos in one go via iOS Facebook sharing. If there’s one thing I wish iOS Twitter integration had, it would be the ability to share a bunch of photos at once.

It’s not rocket science: the awesome Camera+ for iOS app does this by creating a web gallery of your photos.

With Apple doubling down on iCloud, they could just as well address this issue by automatically creating a web gallery in a user’s iCloud account and link to it in Twitter or Facebook posts.

Make sense?