Steve Jobs honored at Webby Awards

This is kind of cool: as noted by CNET, Apple’s late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs was honored by a number of celebraties and political figureheads, including US President Barack Obama, during the 16th annual Webby Awards yesterday.

The touching video tribute was introduced by actors Justin Long and John Hodgman, known for their roles in the popular “I’m a Mac” TV spots, and came about midway through the award show. Keep reading to see the clip…


In addition to Barack Obama, a handful of other political figures appear in the video including ex-US President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore. Celebraties in the tribute include TV star Jimmy Fallon, and U2 leader Bono.

The entire thing comes off as a classy homage to a person who certainly left his mark on technology. Even if you aren’t a Mac user, you can’t deny the tremendous impact that Jobs had on both desktop and mobile computing.

What’d you think of the Jobs tribute?