T-Mobile ad disses the iPhone 4S on AT&T’s network

As T-Mobile USA is getting ready to roll out an iPhone-compatible HSPA+ 19000 MHz network later this year (they already host more than a million iPhones on their network), the long overdue iPhone-friendly network expansion isn’t stopping them to take potshots at Apple’s smartphone and rival AT&T.

Their latest commercial, a part of the broader campaign dubbed ‘Alter Ego’, likens the speed of an iPhone 4S on the AT&T network to an ordinary motorcycle, which gets overtaken in a blink of a second by a badass 1000cc Ducati motorcycle….

The carrier wrote on YouTube:

How much faster is T-Mobile’s 4G network compared to the iPhone 4S on AT&T’s network? Don’t blink or you may miss it.

Here’s the advert.


T-Mobile is also inviting folks to compare their 4G-enabled phones to an iPhone 4S on the Test Drive website.

The carrier debuted the ‘Alter Ego’ ad campaign last month, dropping Carly’s usual girl-next-door clothes for an edgier black leather outfit, a nice fit for her Ducati motorcycle.

Here’s the inaugural commercial announcing the new campaign.


In their own words, the campaign is “challenging the status quo and taking bold steps in the marketplace as a challenger brand”.

Of course, when it talks about 4G, the Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier is really referring to their HSPA+ network, not 4G LTE.

Users with unlocked handsets have long-since been able to activate them on T-Mobile, but have been limited by 2G data speeds and other drawbacks.

Why the hell are carriers allowed to get away with marketing HSPA+ services as 4G?