Skype for iOS gets UI tweaks, the ability to move own video preview

A new version of Skype for iOS apps is out of the gate this morning, offering the obligatory bug fixes and minor UI improvements. While the interface still remains way too clunky on an iPad and not conforming to Apple’s own guidelines, a minor enhancements stands out: you can now finally move your own video preview around. Here, your release notes…

The Skype for iOS apps rock a brand new sign in screen and will now automatically restart if unexpectedly shutdown. The iPhone/iPod touch version also sports the redesigned contacts and messages, unlike its iPad counterpart.

Both Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad are free of charge downloads from the App Store.

Skype for iOS apps version 4.0 features:

New feature: ability to move own video preview
• App auto restarts if unexpectedly shutdown
• Improved accessibility
• Improved stability
• New sign in screen
• Other minor UI improvements
• Bug fixes
• Updated design for contacts and messages (iPad version only)

In other Skype news today, an exploit has revealed all user IP addresses.

Do you use Skype on your iOS device?

I tend to run it it on my iPad as it’s still too much of a battery hog on the iPhone.

By the way, just how is Skype for iOS supposed to auto-restart when crashed?