iTunes Match goes live in new markets across the globe

iTunes Match, Apple’s $25 a year cloud locker and scan-and-match music service, is being rolled out in additional countries, according to web reports. Last time we heard, Apple expanded iTunes Match to 19 countries, with a focus on the Baltic states, Latin America and the Netherlands.

Macstories first spotted that the iTunes terms and conditions for Italy have been updated with new terms suggesting an imminent launch in the country. Other web reports confirmed a similar changes to iTunes terms and conditions for Greece, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria and other markets…

The MacStories article has confirmed that iTunes Match is now live in Italy, priced at €24.99 a year, versus $24.99 in the United States.

Greek iPhone confirms that the service has gone live in Greece as other outlets claim that iTunes Match is also a go-go in Austria, Slovenia and Portugal. With Italy and Austria now being iTunes Match-friendly, it’s a safe bet that Apple will flip the switch for the whole Euro zone anytime soon.

As is the case with other markets where iTunes Match works, folks in these new countries should be able to use iTunes in the Cloud to re-download music and music video to their devices any number of times.

Apple’s support document did not officially list the new iTunes Match-enabled markets at press time.

Although the company in February indicated that iTunes Match would go live in Japan soon, the service is still nowhere to be seen in the country.

I’m an iTunes Match subscriber and I’ve been loving the service a lot.

In my opinion, iTunes Match is a pleasure to use.

The service works like magic and without major intervention on the user’s part and is clearly what a music locker in the cloud should be.

iTunes Match lets me access my music across network-enabled devices without too much fuss. It also gives me piece of mind in knowing that my iTunes purchases and matched songs are kept in a secure iCloud locker.

Having any issues with iTunes Match?

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