HeadphoneLauncher: launch apps from your Lock screen when headphones are detected

Wouldn’t it be cool if the iPhone immediately enabled the media controls on the Lock screen upon the detection of headphones? Indeed, it would.

HeadphoneLauncher borrows this idea and takes it one step further; not only will it bring up the Lock screen media controls, but it will also bring up an application launcher that you can use to launch your favorite apps.

Check out our video walkthrough of HeadphoneLauncher inside…


Once you install HeadphoneLauncher, a new settings panel will appear in your Settings app. This new panel allows you to configure the launcher apps that will appear on your Lock screen.

You can add a seemingly infinite amount of launcher apps; HeadphoneLauncher accommodates this by allowing you to swipe to reveal the next batch of applications.

Once you’ve configured HeadphoneLauncher to your liking, head over to your Lock screen, and connect a pair of your favorite cans. Once the iPhone detects your headphones, you’ll be presented with the media controls along with the first four applications that you configured.

HeadphoneLauncher is a good tweak, but it has a couple of improvement opportunities if you ask me. First, the launcher should enable and remain on the Lock screen any time you have headphones plugged in. In its current form, the launcher only enables if you plug your headphones in while on the Lock screen.

Secondly, I wish there were more options to configure the Lock screen to the liking of the end user. For instance, you should be able to only enable media controls, or disable media controls if you wish.

Even with these few gripes HeadphoneLauncher is bound to find an audience within the jailbreak community. Make no mistake, it’s a very useful tweak for those who find themselves using headphones more often than not.

What do you think?