‘Vuziq’ makes video ringtones a simple reality

Video ringtones have always been more of a novelty than anything else, and Vuziq doesn’t change that. What Vuziq does well is make it extremely easy to assign a video ringtone to your iPhone.

That ease of use makes this novelty worth giving a shot. Take a look at the full step-by-step video walkthrough straight ahead…


Vuziq includes an interface that lets you download, trim, and select a specific video to use as your ringtone.

Although the source of the videos isn’t identified, I’m assuming it’s getting the videos from YouTube.

Interestingly, upon launching the app, its asks for your name, email address, favorite artist, etc. I’m not exactly sure what all it does with this information, so you may want to use a junk email address just in case.

Other than that concern, I’m fairly impressed with Vuziq. On my iPhone 4 there was no “startup lag” when receiving a phone call — it played the video immediately with no slow down.

If you want to try Vuziq, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be had for free.

What do you think about video ringtones? Will they always be a novelty?