Use ‘ClipboardEdit’ to edit your clipboard from Notification Center

Sometimes original ideas are hard to come by, whether you’re a jailbreak developer, or an App Store developer.

For that reason I see tons of duplicate apps and tweaks that essentially replicate what has already been available.

With that in mind, even if I don’t totally understand the purpose of a specific tweak, I still appreciate one that tries to do something different and original.

This is exactly how I feel about ClipboardEdit. It’s a tweak that’s certainly original, but I’m not exactly sure how I would use it, or why it would be even be needed…


ClipboardEdit, as you may have guessed, is a tweak that allows you to edit your clipboard. Once installed, and enabled via the Notifications panel in your Settings app, you’ll notice a new widget in Notification Center.

Anything you copy to the clipboard will show up in this Notification Center widget. From there you can alter the text in the widget, and these changes will be reflected the next time you paste something from the clipboard.

It’s an interesting tweak — watch the video for more evidence of that — but I’m just not sure where it fits in, or why I would benefit from it.

ClipboardEdit is a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss for jailbroken iOS 5 users. If you decide to try it out, maybe you can tell me how you would use it?