How to use the new iPad’s hotspot tethering

One of the best things about choosing a Verizon flavored iPad over its AT&T counterpart is the fact that Verizon makes tethering your data free.

Right out of the box you can start tethering your iPad’s fast LTE connection to another iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, whatever.

Inside we’ll take a look at how to setup the personal hotspot feature on your new iPad, along with a little test drive…


As you can see, Verizon’s service is no slouch when it comes to speed. I’ve seen it slow down a bit since more and more users have adopted new Verizon iPads, but it’s still much better than I would have imagined. It’s already about 3-4 times faster than my “high speed” broadband upload speed at home.

Did you buy a Verizon iPad? If so, will you be taking advantage of the free hotspot provision?