‘MusicGestures’ adds customized gestures to the stock Music app

MusicGestures is a jailbreak tweak that lends the ability to control the stock Music app with gestures instead of button presses. There are a total of 6 actions (7 if you count disabled as an action) that you can assign to any number of gestures.

The gestures can be used to skip, play, pause, and gather info on both the album cover view, and the individual track view.

It’s not the deepest tweak in the shed, but the simplicity of MusicGestures makes it worth a look…


For a free jailbreak tweak, MusicGestures is a solid alternative to an app like Music Controls Pro, if you’re only interested in having gesture based control for the stock music app.

If you want an insanely deep Music app tweak that features gesture based control, you may want to give Music Controls Pro a try instead. We’ve yet to do a video walkthrough on that particular app, but one should be coming soon.

Again, MusicGestures is a free tweak, and you can find it on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It plays nice with both iOS 4 and iOS 5, so pretty much everyone can join in on the fun.

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