SiriLoveLyrics: Ask Siri for lyrics to your favorite songs

Out of the box, Siri isn’t much a music fan. But throw a few jailbreak tweaks here way, and she starts to love music. In fact, this latest tweak apparently makes her love lyrics.

Indeed, SiriLovesLyrics is a jailbreak tweaks for Siri that involves music. It allows you to query Siri for the lyrics of the currently playing song in your Music app, and outputs them in a clean interface so that you can sing along to your favorite songs.


The tweak is very nicely presented on Siri’s interface, and it worked virtually every time with any music in my Music app, even iTunes Match content.

Sadly, it only works with the Music app, so apps like Pandora and Spotify won’t qualify. Hopefully her love will grow, and this tweak will be updated to support more apps.

Even still, it’s an impressive tweak for those of you who rely solely on the Music app for your audible delights.

You can find SiriLoveLyrics for $0.99 on Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

What do you think about it?