Avoid water damage and more with LifeProof iPhone case

We’ve written about a number of “durable” iPhone cases here on iDB, including the Case-Mate Tank and the RainBallet. And in the comment threads of every one of those posts, readers kept bringing up the LifeProof case. So we figured we would mention it.

For those who haven’t heard of the LifeProof, it’s an ultra-durable iPhone case that’s thinner than the popular Otterbox Defender, and can handle much more punishment…

LifeProof’s casing is made out of hard, rubberized plastic and covers both the handset’s charging port and headphone jack. It’s built to protect your device from drops, dirt, snow and water — and we’re not talking a couple of drops here, you can literally take it swimming with you.

From all of the reviews and testimonials that we’ve read online, the LifeProof seems like the case to get if you’re in the market for something durable. Interested? You can find the case on LifeProof’s online store, in a variety of colors, for $79.99.

What are your thoughts on the LifeProof case?