RainBallet Case Makes the iPhone Waterproof

There’s a chance that your iPhone has come into contact with water, and you’ve probably figured out that the device isn’t exactly waterproof. There are some heavy duty cases out there that help protect the iPhone from water damage, but not many can guarantee that your iPhone will be totally waterproof.

The RainBallet case, by The Joy Factory, is a waterproof case for the iPhone 4. Now your iPhone can accompany you on those long days at the beach.

Water damage is one of the main iPhone killers, and pools, beaches, etc. all pose a dangerous threat to your device’s well being. Luckily, water, sand and dust will be kept at bay by the RainBallet case.

The case also has Sharpvue lenses, which ensure that you’ll be able to shoot photos/capture video underwater with both of the iPhone 4’s cameras. The case has been designed with the Intelli-filter to block only water. The Joy Factory claims that the RainBallet will preserve the sound quality of the device, as well as the sound of the videos you take underwater.

Here’s the case’s full list of features:

  • Fits iPhone 4 snugly (AT&T, Verizon)
  • Resists damage from rain, water jets, sweat or splashes.
  • Intelli-filter™ design blocks water, not sound, to preserve sound quality.
  • Built-in shock-resistant structure provides extra protection.
  • Front and back Sharpvue™ lenses enables high-quality photos through the case.
  • Meets IPX5 standards.

The RainBallet case costs $40 and is available for order on The Joy Factory’s website.

Has your iPhone suffered from water damage? What do you think of the RainBallet? Will you be buying one?