The One and Only Screen On My iPhone

When I wrote about my top 10 jailbreak tweaks last week, many of you were surprised not to see Springtomize 2 on the list. As I explained in the comments, Springtomize was not on the list because it hadn’t been really optimized to work properly on the iPhone 4S, which ended up causing me a bunch of troubles.

But this is now behind us as Springtomize was updated yesterday. It is more stable, and even brings its insane level of customization to the iPad.

In association with some of my favorite tweaks like InfiniFolders and InfiniDock, I was able to use Springtomize to create my ideal home screen…

So this is it. The one and only screen on my iPhone. No need to flick through pages of apps anymore. My 12 most important apps are all in the dock. The rest of them are either in folders or on the screen that you see.

I’m a minimalist kind of guy. By minimalist I don’t mean I like things to be empty, I just mean that I don’t like to have pages and pages of apps I don’t use. If it’s an app I use on a regular basis, then it has its spot on the home screen. If it’s an app I rarely use, then it’s going into one of the folders I created. I believe this format is going to fulfill my simple needs perfectly.

For those of you wondering about the wallpaper – there is always someone asking about the wallpaper – I got it from the Pimp Your Screen app, which I highly recommend.

Are you a minimalist like me, or do you like to collect tons of app icons on your springboard?