Over Half of the Smartphones Verizon Sold Last Quarter Were iPhones

Verizon announced its quarterly figures for the end of 2011, with the iPhone effect in full swing for the America’s largest mobile phone carrier.

Despite tough competition from both AT&T and Sprint, Verizon saw its best figures for subscriber additions for three years, with an extra 1.5 million customers now on board.

With 4.2 million iPhones reportedly shipped during the same period it isn’t too far a stretch to suggest that Apple’s smartphone may well have helped Verizon along in that achievement…

The launch of the iPhone 4S in October clearly helped all three US carriers that offer it, with Apple’s handset accounting for almost 55% of the 7.7 million smartphones sold to Verizon customers. When you consider the plethora of Android smartphones currently being offered by Verizon that number becomes all the more impressive.

While Sprint and AT&T are yet to announce their own figures for the final quarter of 2011 they are both roundly expected to have had similar results thanks to massive iPhone 4S sales. If Verizon and Sprint had not joined the iPhone party during the course of the year it is entirely possible that both could be reporting very different results.

T-Mobile is now the only major carrier in the United States to not offer Apple’s iPhone as an option for its customers.