iBooks Author Video Demonstration

Along with our hands-on video of iBooks 2, we’ve also tackled Apple’s latest content creation tool, iBooks Author.

iBooks Author is the free Mac App Store app that allows you to create book content for use in iBooks. What’s great is that it’s not just for so-called textbooks. No, it’s for cookbooks, history books, picture books, and whatever else you mind can come up with.


iBooks Author works just like iWorks apps — think Pages, and Keynote — so much so, that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was officially deemed an iWork app eventually.

What’s cool about iBooks Author is that you can preview your creations on the fly in iBooks on the iPad. That’s great for checking on your layout and the flow of your creation mid-process.

Again, iBooks Author is a free download in the Mac app store. Have you tried it yet?