Flipboard Launches New ‘iPhoneography’ Section Inside of Their iPhone App

Popular iPad app Flipboard just launched on the iPhone a few months ago, allowing users to flip through articles easier on a smaller screen. Today, Flipboard has introduced a new section to their iPhone app called ‘iPhoneography’. The iPhoneography section allows users to view beautiful images taken with an iPhone, aggregated by Flipboard.  

As more and more people begin to move away from taking photographs with a digital camera and do it with their iPhone instead, this seems like a great addition by the Flipboard team. Flipboard uses sources like the most popular Instagram photos and other blogs for content…

Flipboard discusses the new art in their blog post:

iPhoneography is everywhere these days — and looks particularly beautiful on Flipboard. Tap on the red ribbon for a selection of blogs and photos showcasing this new medium in all its forms, from Instagram’s most popular photos to P1xels at an Exhibition’s treatment as a true art form. (Read our interview with P1xels’s Knox Bronson for more about what makes a great iPhone photo, the best apps to use, and the art world’s response to all this.) We’ve also got a new iPhonegraphy section, which combines many of the medium’s authoritative sources in one magazine. Tap the badge below to browse it, and add it to your Flipboard for future reference.

To add the new iPhoneography section to Flipboard, simply visit the ‘More’ section, and then tap on ‘Photo and Design’. You can then either add specific sources of photos or add the iPhoneography section as a whole.

What do you think of this whole iPhone photography movement?

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