Recludo Takes You Straight to The Music App When Unlocking Your Device

Recludo is a jailbreak tweak that’s a bit hard to describe, but simple in function. Its purpose is to force your iPhone straight to the Music app whenever the lock screen music controls are invoked and you unlock your iPhone.

Since there’s a good chance that you will want to use your Music app when the music controls are being used anyway, Recludo can usher in a seamless music listening experience to jailbroken iPhones…


Once you install Recludo, that’s it; nothing else needs to be configured or setup. To test it out, play a song using the Music app, press Home to go back to your Home screen, and then lock your iPhone.

Next, invoke the music controls on your lock screen by double pressing the Home button, and then unlock your iPhone. Recludo will force the Music app to come to the forefront, even though you were previously at your Home screen.

That’s essentially all that Recludo does, but as you can see from the video, it works quite well. I can’t really speak about how this operates in long term real world usage, but I suspect it would make the complete music listening experience a more seamless one.

What do you think?