MapReminders: Setup Location Based Reminders Using Maps

The location-based aspect of the Reminders app is convenient but limited. As of now, all you can really do is setup reminders based on your current location or the contents of your Contacts app.

With MapReminders, you can peruse an entire map to setup reminders for certain locations easily. Check out our video walkthrough of this upcoming jailbreak tweak

As you can see, MapReminders makes it very simple to visually setup the location for a reminder. It’s a great improvement over the stock Reminders app, and I’d like to see it continue to be fleshed out.

One cool thing I could see for the future are point-of-interest-based reminders. That way, when you get close to a Starbucks, the app tells you it’s time to stop for coffee.

MapReminders should be available soon on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. You must have an jailbroken iOS device running iOS 5 that is compatible with location-based reminders, like an iPhone 4.

What do you think about MapReminders? Pretty cool, huh?