iPhone 4S Causes 83% Surge in November App Store Downloads

When Apple launches a new iPhone or iPad, it invariably has an affect on the rest of its business.

The number of downloaded apps is one metric that will always see an increase when Apple brings a shiny new iOS device to market, simply because of all the new customers want to get some apps! Whether they are paid or free apps, Apple benefits in the long run.

The release of the iPhone 4S was no different, with new numbers showing just what a jump it caused in those all-important download figures. The iPhone 4S helped the App Store see an 83% increase in app downloads for November when compared to the same month last year…

These new numbers come fromĀ Fiksu Indexes, a marketing technology company that looked into the number of app downloads carried out over the last twelve months. The results show that the introduction of the iPhone 4S was the cause of a surge in app downloads.

“As expected, and as we’ve seen before with new device launches, new owners’ enthusiasm is high and their appetite for app discovery and engagement is strong. This bears out in the numbers with daily app downloads hitting a new, all-time record peak reflecting heightened competition for rank in the Apple App Store.”

As TechCrunch also points out, the number of downloads is still small when you consider the shear size of the potential market. The addressable market for potential iOS and Android users in the US is 91 million, according to Flurry, suggesting that there is still plenty of scope for increased downloads.