iKeyWi Adds Customizable 5th Row Keys to iOS 5 Keyboards

There have been many keyboard tweaks released over the years, and I’ve had issues with practically all of them.

iKeyWi is the latest keyboard tweak to make its way to Cydia, but this one if probably one of the more stable ones that I’ve used thus far.

That’s not to say that it’s not without a few opportunities for improvement, but as you’ll see on video, it’s a very good start…


The main gripe I have with iKeyWi is one that’s already been acknowledged by the developer — the lack of landscape custom 5th row keyboard support. Placing your device into landscape mode simply makes the 5th row of keys disappear. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

My other gripe is the lack of a proper Settings app panel. While it’s extremely easy to customize the 5th row keys using iFile, it would be even easier to do so from the Settings app.

Other than that, iKeyWi is a competent keyboard tweak. It doesn’t rely on WinterBoard, and it works on iOS 5. Those are pretty big accomplishments when you consider some of the competition in this space.

At $1.99, iKeyWi is a bit steep when you consider the few issues I raised above, but for those of you desperate for a 5th row keyboard tweak that’s stable, you can head over to Cydia and download it today.

What’s your experience with keyboard tweaks been like?