Microsoft Joins the iPad Accessory Game With a $50 Keyboard

Microsoft is on something of an Apple jaunt at the moment. The Windows and Office king has already been releasing iOS apps quicker than anyone else over the last few days, and it has now decided to join the lucrative iOS device accessory market with the Mobile Keyboard 5000.

Despite pushing its upcoming Windows 8 as the true tablet operating system, Microsoft has announced a new Bluetooth mobile keyboard for use with the iPad. It will also in theory worth with Android tablets and presumably future Windows 8 devices (it will not work with the Kindle Fire, by the way).

As far as hardware keyboards go, this offering from Microsoft doesn’t look bad at all, assuming you can overlook those Windows keys.

If you’re one of the people that like to use Apple’s iPad for real work, then you’ll be wanting a Bluetooth keyboard. Microsoft has been known for some kick-ass keyboards in its time, but it is also known for putting out some awful ones, too.

We’ve not been able to try this out ourselves – and unless you reside in the United States, neither will you – but the curved nature of the device does gives us hope that it will at least be comfortable to type on.

You’ll need to give Microsoft $50 to get your hands on one of these keyboards if you decide it is for you, which is considerably cheaper than Apple’s $69 offering.