Vietnamese iPhone Fans Set For 4S Release This Week

Another country is going to be getting its teeth into the iPhone 4S soon, with the news that Vietnamese carriers will begin offering the newest Apple smartphone as soon as tomorrow, Friday 15th of December.

The move comes as Thanh Nien News confirmed that both VinaPhone and Viettel will be offering the iPhone 4S to its customers starting tomorrow, with both locked and unlocked flavors available.

What is a little less clear is the pricing structure for the handsets, with the unsubsidized prices looking decidedly strange, to say the least.

Customers wishing to take an iPhone 4S 16GB model on a contract with VinaPhone will need to stump up VND15.6 million (US$740), while Viettel will be offering the same handset for VND16.4 million ($780) on contract.

Where things become a little more confusing is when unlocked prices are mentioned. According to the article, buyers wishing to buy unlocked will need to pay an extra VND600,000, which works out to be around $28. It goes without saying that we are a little skeptical about that, but we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out who is right on this one.

Will you be picking up an iPhone 4S tomorrow, and if you are, will you be holding out hope that the unlocked price is indeed correct?