Twitter for iPhone Gets Major Update with New Design

Twitter, the popular social networking service, has just released a major update for its official iPhone app. Version 4.0 echoes the changes that the company has been rolling out to its web app, with a new look and new features.

The app has been noticeably revamped with an all-new user interface. Most notably, the four tabs across the bottom of the app have been replaced with “Home,” “Connect,” “Discover” and “Me” buttons that aim to enhance your Twitter experience…


Home is where you view tweets from the people you have chosen to follow. It’s your personal collection of tweets featuring the latest news, commentary, and information from the sources you care about. Photos, videos, and conversations are embedded directly in tweets so you can see the whole story at a glance.


The new Connect section is where you get in on the conversation. It’s the place to see who has followed or mentioned you, retweeted, or favorited one of your tweets. Connect is your way to keep the conversation flowing.


Discover lets you tap into a stream of useful and entertaining information customized just for you. When you use Discover, you’ll see results reflecting your interests based on your current location, who you follow, and what’s happening in the world. As you use Twitter more, Discover gets even better at serving up content just for you.


The new Me section puts you and your interests front and center. Others can Tweet directly to you and view your lists, favorites, followers, photos and more. The Me tab is also where you can stay current on your direct message conversations. The Me tab is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the world.

I actually love the new Twitter. The UI is gorgeous and the imbedded images and conversations are an awesome addition. If you use the official Twitter app, I highly recommend downloading the update. It’s free, and you can get it from the App Store now.

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What do you think of Twitter 4.0 for iPhone?