Amazon’s PriceCheck iPhone App Could Save You Some Serious Cash

We’ve already told you about Amazon’s price-saving application in our holiday-helper roundup. The software allows you to use your iPhone’s camera to scan the barcode of a product and compare prices from hundreds of Amazon resellers.

But the online retailer also offers a standalone iPhone app that allows you to compare prices: PriceCheck. It gives you multiple ways to search prices to make sure you get the lowest one. And on December 10th it can save you even more money…

If you plan on doing any holiday shopping (or any kind of shopping) this Saturday, you’ll definitely want to take PriceCheck with you. Amazon is offering up 5% discounts on electronics, toys, and other products to folks who use the app this weekend.

“Take Price Check with you will you shop and share prices you find in stores. We’ll use your feedback to keep prices competitive for all customers. Plus, on December 10th, get 5% discounts (up to $5 each) on many electronics, toys, sports, music, and DVDs. “

Even if the small discount doesn’t entice you, PriceCheck can still help you save money this holiday season. You can search the web for prices on products by scanning an item’s barcode, taking a picture of it, or describing it with your voice. From there, the app not only searches the web for the lowest price, but it can find deals in your local area that others have shared using the application.

If you want to try it out, you can download PriceCheck from the App Store for free.