SliderEnhancer: Customize Your Slide to Unlock Bar

It seems like it’s been done a million times before, so why not a million and one? Yes, Slider Enhancer is a new jailbreak tweak that brings custom text to iOS’ iconic “Slide to Unlock” bar.

Tweaks like Springtomize 2 and others already have such functions built in, but if you’re looking for a standalone app that’s free, Slider Enhancer could be exactly what you need…


Slider Enhancer adds six customization options to your iDevice’s Lock screen. These include: battery percentage, clock, Wifi network name, IP address, free RAM, and a custom text label for when you’re feeling really creative.

It’s a free tweak that works just as advertised. If your device is jailbroken and you’re on iOS 4 or higher, you can download it today from Cydia.

What are your thoughts on these standalone tweaks? Do apps like Springtomize 2 make them irrelevant, or is there still room for them?