Amazon’s Kindle Fire All Set to be 2nd Only to the iPad

The iPad may have had it all its own way since its initial inception last year, but if a new survey is to be believed, then it may finally have some real competition in the form of Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

New data from ChangeWave Research¬†points to Amazon’s first entry into the tablet market being the second most popular tablet on the market, behind, you guessed it, Apple’s iPad.

A November survey of 3,043 people yielded the insight which shows that 22% of those questioned planned on picking up the 7″ Kindle Fire, with 65% aiming to pick up an iPad. Third choice, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, could only garner 4% of the interest…

As is always the case with these kinds of surveys, people saying they plan to buy a particular product doesn’t always translate into actual purchases. The fact that an iPad competitor is now potentially getting itself into the double figures¬†territory¬†for first time ever may signal a change in the marketplace.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the first low-cost tablet to reach US shores from a brand that customers will flock to, and Amazon is undoubtedly a brand that people trust. With all of Amazon’s accompanying stores and online services, the Kindle Fire potentially offers the closest experience to Apple’s ecosystem that we’ve seen yet.

At $200, the Kindle Fire also provides a solution for the more frugal amongst us, costing less than half that of Apple’s iPad.