What is Minecraft – Pocket Edition All About?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m terrible at Minecraft. In fact, I’d never played it until just a few hours ago when I downloaded it on my iPhone.

Needless to say, you Minecraft experts will probably find this video a bit humorous, perhaps even a bit appalling.

Nevertheless, I’ve put myself out there in order for you to see what Minecraft – Pocket Edition is all about. Check out our video inside…


If you’ve never played Minecraft, then you might be wondering what all the hype’s about. I wondered this at first too, until I actually sat down with the game and played it.

The hype is well deserved. If you ever grew up letting your imagination go wild while playing Legos, then you can ultimately relate to the Minecraft experience.

Minecraft is a “sandbox” game that allows you to build pretty much anything out of Lego-like blocks. The game contains multiple blocks — 36 in total — with different textures that add variety to the landscape.

The PC version of Minecraft includes a builder mode and a “survivor” mode where enemies come out at night to attack you. The iOS version of Minecraft only includes the builder mode.

With this in mind, Minecraft – Pocket Edition is more limited than its PC-brethren, but nevertheless it’s still enjoyable.

The game includes a limited amount of options, including local-Wi-Fi multiplayer to enjoy with friends. One big plus about Minecraft – Pocket Edition is that it’s a universal, which means you pay once and it’s compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.

I’ve played other Minecraft-inspired games on iOS in the past — Eden – World Builder ($0.99) comes directly to mind. If you’re hesitant on dropping the full $6.99 on Minecraft, I highly recommend you give that a try first to see if this genre is for you.

The good news is that Minecraft will inevitably be updated to include some of its missing features like survival mode, and perhaps even TNT to blow up your surroundings. Yeah, this game definitely needs more TNT.

If you’re convinced, you can head over to the App Store and drop seven bucks on Minecraft – Pocket Edition.

Have you played Minecraft? Are you considering it? If so, let me know what you think in the comments below.