IntelliScreenX Adds Quick Reply and Quick Compose Features

IntelliScreenX, the highly anticipated iOS 5 jailbreak app, is coming right along in its development, and the latest build features some exciting new features.

To capitalize on Apple’s lack of any sort of quick reply or quick compose for messages, Intelliborn has baked their Messages+ app in directly with IntelliScreenX for a very robust messaging solution.

Now you can quick reply, and/or quick compose from Notification Center, the Lock screen, and from banner message notifications. Check out the full video demonstration inside…


As you can see, the Messages+ marriage is a perfect match for the already feature-filled IntelliScreenX. It seems to get better and better with every build.

Intelliborn notes that they are still working hard on implementing more improvements and bug fixes. I know that they’ve delayed their targeted release date a bit, but if they keep adding features like these, it’s well worth the wait.

The developers are targeting a Wednesday release date, and they are said to be working on biteSMS and iRealSMS support as well.

Are you salivating yet?