Hackers Develop Method to Add Custom Siri Commands

Siri hasn’t even been around a month yet, and she’s already the talk of the town. At first everyone was obsessed with asking her quirky questions, and now folks seem to have turned their attention to the status of her iPhone 4 port.

But it doesn’t look like Siri’s 15 minutes of fame are up just yet. It seems that hackers have figured out a way to create custom voice commands for the personal assistant, and they’ve even managed to get Siri to respond to them…

Jailbreak developer chpwn announced last night that he has been involved in another breakthrough regarding Apple’s voice command system. With his help, Aman Gupta (a GitHub hacker) has figured out how to add new Siri commands.

Gupta showed off the hack by posting photos on his Twitter account of Siri recognizing and responding to his custom commands. Here’s one of the pics showing Siri responding to a command that clearly wasn’t programmed by Apple.

Don’t get too excited, the method these guys used is quite complicated. And like the Siri port, it’s no where near ready for mass distribution (if it ever will be). But it’s cool to know it’s possible. Imagine being able to program your own Siri commands.

What would you program her to do?