Siri Dictation Key Actually Doubles as a Space Bar

Apple has built its brand on attention to detail. The company has been known to spend months going over the tiniest components of a product to ensure perfection. Why do you think its devices come so terrifically packaged?

Apple’s obsession with the tiny details even spills over into iOS, and the folks over at iPhoneinCanada have found a perfect example. Have you ever noticed how the dictation button changes color when you add another keyboard?

Last week we showed you how to add a shortcut to Emoji icons on your iOS keyboard. You do this by adding a new keyboard through the International Keyboard tab in the Settings app. When you do this, the dictation key changes to the same color as the spacebar. Why?

It’s because Apple wants to make sure that people are aware that the dictation key actually doubles as a spacebar extension. A double press of the Siri key on the keyboard inserts a space within text just like the spacebar does. How’s that for details?