New iPod Nano 6th Gen Unboxing

So, you’re digging those 17 new watch faces included with the iPod nano’s new firmware update?

If you’ve just ordered a nano, or you already have the latest hardware refresh, that means you’ll need to upgrade the firmware to receive all of the new features Apple touted at yesterday’s media event.

In this video, we unbox a brand new iPod nano, upgrade the firmware, show off all 18 watch faces, and touch on various other new features like the enhanced Nike+ app, and new Home screen layout…


I have to say, I really like the iPod nano. It’s perfect for running and other forms of exercise, and it works similar to the iPhone and the iPod touch.

The new clock faces are just icing on the cake for an already solid product. I don’t see Apple getting rid of the iPod nano line any time soon. It fills its niche perfectly, and it’s fairly cheap to boot.

Are you an iPod nano user? What do you think about the latest firmware update?