CardSwitcher: webOS Style Multitasking on the iPhone

Were your heartstrings torn when HP pulled support for webOS? Do you have a dozen $99 TouchPads hoarded in your closet for a rainy day?

If any of that sounds familiar, I just might have something that’ll snap you out of your webOS deprived funk. It’s called CardSwitcher, and it’s a new jailbreak tweak that brings webOS’ card based multitasking to jailbroken iPhones…


As of this writing, I’ve experienced a few safe mode crashes while using CardSwitcher, so an update is likely needed to iron out a few of the kinks.

Besides that, I can definitely see this as being a must-have tweak for any webOS refuges who recently migrated over to iOS. There’s also MultiFl0w, which offers a similar experience.

If your iPhone is jailbroken and you’ve got $1.99 to spare, let me know what you think about it below.