BackForwardList for Safari: Browser History, Evolved

As most of you guys and gals are well aware of, I’m the type of person that loves keeping things stock, or at least stock looking.

My car is stock, my iMac is stock, my iOS devices are jailbroken, but they look close to stock.

For that reason, it’s probably no surprise that I continue to use the built in Safari browser for all of my web needs, despite the fact that it’s severely lacking when compared to third party options.

That’s where handy tweaks like BackForwardList for Safari come in. It allows me to keep the stock browser, while giving it a nice usability boost. See inside for the video evidence…


BackForwardList for Safari gives you a full history list of all of your previously visited sites, by tapping and holding the back or forward buttons at the bottom of the browser.

This makes it a whole lot easier than manually going in, and searching your history for a specific page; most modern desktop browsers have this functionality baked in.

For a free tweak, BackForwardList for Safari is a definite try in my eyes. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can find it conveniently located on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Have you tried it? Or have you moved on to a 3rd party browser by now?