Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, has been the center of attention recently. Tim has reportedly began replying to user emails. I emailed Tim myself, and I got a response within three days.

Steve Jobs is known for occasionally responding to emails, and Tim has started doing the same. I emailed Tim congratulating him on his recent position of CEO at Apple…

I wasn’t expecting a reply from Tim, especially because it was a short email.

This is what I said to Tim when I congratulated him:

Congrats on being the new CEO of Apple


Lo and behold, he responds a couple of days later. I got a short and simple response, much like how Steve Jobs was known to reply.

This is Tim’s response sent at 5:42 AM:

Thanks Zech.


Sent from my iPad

It seems that Tim Cook has been sending emails to several other people, and the text of the email appears to be the same: Thanks [INSERT NAME].

If you’re interested in emailing Tim, you can email him at [email protected].

What do you think? Did you get a response from Tim? Leave it in the comments below.