Who’s Suing Who in the Mobile Industry [Infographic]

Here at iDB we’ve covered a lot of lawsuits involving Apple and their hit line of iDevices. Most, if not all, of the litigation has involved patents. You know, those little pieces of paper that tie an invention to its inventors.

In fact, these patents have practically turned into weapons in the warzone that is now the mobile industry. It seems like everyone is suing everyone — it’s hard to keep up. Luckily, the folks over at Reuters have made a chart to help us out…

As you can tell from the chart, Apple is involved in the most legal battles. They’ve been sued by Kodak, they just recently reached a settlement with Nokia after a lengthy lawsuit, and they’re basically suing every Android manufacturer, except LG.

Of the ongoing litigation between the three Android handset makers, the fight with the Samsung has proved the most destructive. For a brief period, they were banned from shipping their Galaxy Tab 10.1 to several European countries.

I’m reminded of a comment Steve Jobs made during the original iPhone keynote back in 2007. After listing some of the device’s features he said, “and boy have we patented it.” I don’t think he quite imagined the above outcome, though.

What’s your take on all of the litigation in the mobile industry? Getting pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?