Apple Could Ship a Staggering 100 Million iPhones This Year Alone

Apple seems to be unstoppable as of late, with it recently being announced that the Cupertino company closed ahead of ExonnMobil as the world’s most valuable company. The iPhone is doing well, too. Sales were up for Apple in the previous business quarter, and the unveiling of the iPhone 5 is expected to garner a huge influx in sales this holiday season.

After all is said and done, Apple could very well sell more iPhones in 2011 than every previous year combined. Specifically, if the numbers pan out, Apple could potentially move 100 million iPhone units before the year’s end.

Citing a supply order forecast from the overseas publication DigiTimes, BGR points out that Apple could ship just under 100 million smartphone units this year alone.

Based on the fact that Apple shipped 18.65 million units in the second quarter, and 20.34 million units in the third quarter, Apple could move 100 million units total in 2011. This number is based off the DigiTimes report that Apple is set to ship 56 million iPhones in the year’s second-half.

Apple is expected to potentially unveil two new iPhone models this Fall, with an announcement predicted to take place between September and early October.