Apple Will Sell More iPhones in 2011 Than Every Previous Year Combined

Apple announced some impressive numbers at its last earnings call, with iPhone sales on the upwards trend. Specifically, Apple saw a dramatic year-over-year increase in sales of 142%. Total, Apple sold 20+ million iPhones in just one business quarter.

According to an estimation based on Apple’s track record, 2011 looks to be the best year for the iPhone ever. With more iPhones being sold this year than every other year prior combined

Matt Richman:

“Of the 25.09 million iPhones Apple sold in 2009, 35.8% of them came during Apple’s first and second calendar quarters. In 2010 that number was 36.1%. Using calendar 2011 iPhone sales numbers and a 36% average, Apple is on track to sell a whopping 108.3 million iPhones this year. To put that in perspective, 108.3 million iPhones would be 20% more than it sold in all of 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 combined.”

During the Q3 earnings call, Apple made the comment that a significant “product transition” was going to take place this September, and the folks at Cupertino actually projected a slight decrease in profit during the early-autumn timeframe. This new product is expected to be a cheaper iPhone that will probably be geared towards the prepaid market.

Despite Apple’s slight decrease in projected sales during the coming months, things still look very, very good for the iPhone this year.

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