SleepDepriver: Prevents Your iDevice from Going to Sleep

As an iDB writer, I spend a lot of time downloading and installing Cydia packages on my iPhone. The problem is that I don’t want my device locking in the middle of my work, and toggling off the autolock feature is a 5 step process.

Naturally, I turned to Cydia for a utility to solve my problem. There were a couple of good options available, but I really liked SleepDepriver. Unlike the other jailbreak tweaks, SleepDepriver disables your screen from dimming…


A couple of days ago Jeff reviewed a package called Caffeine. The utility allows you to map the iOS autolock toggle to an Activator function. That way you don’t have to hop in and out of the Settings app to access the feature.

SleepDepriver does the exact same thing, except that it keeps your iDevice screen from dimming as well. This can come in handy if you want to be able to glance at your iPhone or iPad while autolock is turned off.

From what I’ve seen so far, the tweak works perfectly. There’s even a cool little icon that pops up in the status bar to indicate when it’s active. If you want to take SleepDepriver for a spin, it’s available in Cydia for free.

What autolock toggling utility do you prefer?