Now You Can Send a Screenshot Along With Your Links From Safari

Who else thinks that links are about as entertaining as a watching linoleum warp, paint dry, or grass grow? Couple that with the fact that I’m always hesitant to click a link, because most of the time I have no clue what trifling thing is waiting for me on the other side.

Save your friends and family from the guesswork, and try out Email Safari Screenshot, a brand new jailbreak tweak available on Cydia.

Just as its name says, when you share a link via Mobile Safari, a screenshot of the page you’re linking to is included right along with it. Check out my video walkthrough of this awkwardly name tweak inside…


Email Safari Screenshot works just as advertised, and it’s free. What’s not to like here?

If your iPhone is jailbroken and you’ve given it the proper spin, let me know what you think about it in the comments section below.