Add Brightness Controls Directly on Your Home Screen With ‘SBBrightness’

Critics of Apple have long argued that the Cupertino company always puts form ahead of function. While that may be true in a few instances, for the most part I find that their products feature a nice balance of both.

When it comes to jailbreaking, however, a lot of the tweaks that I review are unabashed when it comes to putting function, over form.

Such is the case with this latest jailbreak tweak entitled SBBrightness. It’s a tweak that places a brightness slider bar directly on your iPhone’s Home screen…


While this is certainly functional, it would probably make someone like Jony Ive shake his head in bitter disgust.

I have to admit; the placement of the bar could have been done a little better. Personally, I prefer something like Light Bright instead of this.

For those interested with jailbroken devices, SBBrightness is a free download on Cydia, and is featured in the BigBoss repo.

What do you think?