Light Bright is One of the Easiest Ways to Adjust Your iPhone Brightness Settings

By now, there’s virtually a million and one ways to adjust the brightness levels on your iPhone, so is there really a need for yet another way to address the issue?

While there may be other alternatives, few are as quick and simple to use as Light Bright. The developers claim it’s the easiest way to adjust the brightness on your iPhone, but is purchasing this tweak a bright idea?

Apple seems to have finally realized that brightness controls are something that end users want quick access too, as evident by their inclusion of multitask bar brightness controls in iOS 4.2 for the iPad. Sadly, there just wasn’t enough screen real estate on the iPhone to do something similar…


But there’s no need to be envious of the iPad, there are plenty of jailbreak solutions to accomplish the task at hand, the latest being Light Bright. For what it’s worth, it’s actually easier to control your brightness using Light Bright than with Apple’s methodology.

By holding the Home button and pressing the volume keys, Light Bright allows you to quickly adjust the brightness of your screen to a desired level. It’s a cleverly designed control scheme that makes no claims to precious screen real estate.

My sole complaint with Light Bright is all about the tweak’s documentation, or lack thereof. I can understand that since this is a tweak, there would be no app icons or settings, but there isn’t even a section in Cydia that explains how to use the tweak. I had to figure it out myself by trial and error, which was a tad bit frustrating.

Light Bright is available now for jailbroken iPhones, and will set you back $.99 cents. Have you tried Light Bright? How do you go about managing your iPhone brightness settings?