App Store Download Numbers Now Larger Than Music Store

With Apple announcing that its App Store had reached the impressive 15 billion downloads mark, research company Asymco has crunched the numbers and, as it turns out, the App Store has now surpassed the iTunes music store in download rankings.

This conclusion comes after a bit of detective work based off Apple’s announcement a month ago that it had served 15 billion songs. Asymco believes app sales have now overtaken song sales- an impressive feat…

“It was only a few weeks ago (at WWDC) that we had an update on the app store growth rates. The data was presented here.

One of the data points from the event was that iTunes hit 15 billion song downloads. Last week we heard that iTunes also hit 15 billion app downloads.

The milestones were reached within less than a month so it’s a fairly safe assumption that apps have overtaken songs.”

According to Asymco, apps are currently being downloaded at the rate of 31 million each and every month- around a million downloads a day.

“The app download rate is now at least 31 million per month while the song download rate is about 12 million per month. Including books (but excluding video content), the App Store in now delivering at least 44 million new content downloads per month.”

Notice the mention of iBooks? The less said about Apple’s seemingly failed attempt to take on Amazon’s Kindle, the better.

Apple’s App Store continues to grow stronger, with more apps being added daily and more customers buying iDevices across the globe.

Can anyone slow Apple’s dominance in a smartphone industry it didn’t create, but most certainly made mainstream? Will Google’s Android win through its sheer number of devices?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the app sales numbers that keep coming out of Apple these days. Let us know in the comments!