An Interesting iPhone 5 Concept

At iDB, we can never get enough of these iPhone 5 concepts. Though they don’t provide us with any concrete evidence of what the next iPhone will look like, they do open the door of possibilities.

Up to this point, I think my favorite next-gen iPhone design has been the iPad-based concept by Michal Bonikowski. But these new set of renderings that iPhoneItalia just posted might give Bonikowksi a run for his money…

The Italian iPhone blog has just published a concept design for Apple’s next smartphone submitted by one of their readers. While there are some sprinkles of bad photo-shopping in the pictures, the overall look that is portrayed in the photos is gorgeous.

Vistainfinita brings us these sexy renderings that seem to combine an iPod touch and a white iPhone 4. I like that the phone has been slimmed down a bit, and that the top and bottom edges are symmetrical (versus the rumored tear-drop design).

While the device looks terrific, the designer added some questionable features. For instance, he mentions that the device’s camera has been bumped up to a 10-megapixel sensor. Apple’s gone from 2MP to 3MP to 5MP — 10 just doesn’t fit the pattern.

It also appears that the front-facing camera has been moved to the center of the handset, moving the earpiece to the top of the device. While this falls in line with Apple’s previous designs (iPad 2, Macs), I’m not sure it would work on the iPhone.

Overall, I love the idea of an iPod-touch-looking iPhone; it just seems to give the device a “touch” of class (see what I did there?). It’s certainly within the realm of possibilities, even if the next iPhone is rumored to be a minor update. Who says Apple hasn’t been testing the iPhone 5 in an iPhone 4 case?

What do you think of this concept?